Sachi Kato
Sachi Kato

With a focus on fine art photography, and inspired by Pictorialism, Sachi Kato creates a unique essence in her portfolio. Her photographs meld a soft and moody atmosphere with painterly sentiments. For her, these works represent peaceful moments that we vaguely remember, like dreams from our childhood.

As well as expressing a nostalgic mood, the theme, “Live in Harmony” is a strong impulse in her work. She uses a subtle color palette, which stems from a deep appreciation of her native Japanese arts and culture. These monochromatic colors unite objects into a luminous oneness. In her view, appreciating the totality of our lives and validating our inner selves brings us into harmony.

Sachi is currently a Los Angeles based photographer. She is available for portraiture, weddings, special occasions, still life and food photography, both freelance and commercial.

Individual prints of her photos on this site are also available.
Please contact her for details.

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